Chapter 46 – Orindaco, the Independent City

Orindaco, the city by the sea. One of many cities by many seas, realistically, though no other could boast of being the sole independent city-state currently existing in the Light Lands. Nor could any of those other, clearly lesser seaside cities say they were home to the Water Temple of Mesic; only Orindaco held thatContinue reading “Chapter 46 – Orindaco, the Independent City”

Chapter 45 – Patience Gets Us Nowhere

Michael wasn’t quite sure what to do now. The day was far from done, and yet, it felt like it should be. The tournament, the talk with Naomi, the encounter with Redridge…again, they couldn’t help but curse the linearity of time and just how meandering mortal life could be. It was no wonder mortals cameContinue reading “Chapter 45 – Patience Gets Us Nowhere”

Chapter 44 – Unyielding Rage

On the fields of the Mighty Melee, a grand battle was about to take place. “YOU SEE IT HERE, FOLKS! THE CHAMP OF THE JOUST GOING UP AGAINST A RETURNING RIVAL! IT’S THE NUMBER ONE HIMSELF, MORTHRU, GOING UP AGAINST NUMBER SIXTY-FIVE, YVONNE KALONJI!” The crowd cheered, much of their attention focused on the clearContinue reading “Chapter 44 – Unyielding Rage”

Chapter 43 – The Mighty Melee

Waking up with an elf drooling on their chest was an interesting experience for Michael. Not least because the elf in question was still wearing absolutely nothing as she snuggled up to them under the blankets.  In some ways, they had gotten used to Anaya. In others, they were fairly certain they were going toContinue reading “Chapter 43 – The Mighty Melee”

Chapter 42 – Returning Heroes

“Well hi,” Adrien Dro, chosen hero of the Light Lands and student of the traitor Julius Goldforge, greeted, acting perfectly normal as though Michael wasn’t–Wait, no, still disguised. He wouldn’t know. Right. Right, right, and even then I didn’t actually meet this brat–No, calm, no disparaging, act natural. “Right, I gotta ask. Mask, why’d youContinue reading “Chapter 42 – Returning Heroes”

Chapter 41 – A Date at the Festival

Michael was annoyed. They were not pouting, no matter what anyone said, but they were annoyed. Extremely annoyed. And for valid reasons. “Hey it’s okay, you gave it your best.” Anaya gave them a pat on the back in some attempt at consoling. In reply, the angel simply tightened the fold of their arms andContinue reading “Chapter 41 – A Date at the Festival”

Chapter 40 – A Knight’s Lament

“Misha Redwing…gods below, that’s soooooo cute~!” Seeker giggled cheerfully as she studied the sign-up sheet, a wide smile splitting her cheeks as she lounged in her own special observation room. Fitting for the most VIP of VIPs that could possibly grace the gilded shithole of a kingdom her beloved nemesis seemed to be insisting onContinue reading “Chapter 40 – A Knight’s Lament”

Prelude – A Heavenly Gospel

Long, long ago, yet not so long the world had not yet shattered and the sky lacked its moon, a cabal of wise masters gathered. Elven they were, long of life and sharp of ear, wizened with age and wisened by experience, yet filled with curiosity all the same. Gather they did, under sky andContinue reading “Prelude – A Heavenly Gospel”

Chapter 39 – Magic, Music, & Might

It was a bright, shining day in Queenshill. The capital of Luceneva, the city that started the nation, was a place of not constant but consistent motion, where its people lived their peaceful lives in well-worn routines, from the haughtiest courtier to the weariest worker. Yet today, there was a disruption in the city, aContinue reading “Chapter 39 – Magic, Music, & Might”

Chapter 38 – Knights & Knaves

“Today’s been weirdly peaceful,” Noriko noted, up atop the motor carriage with Michael as they continued trundling down the roads of Luceneva, Charlie’s wheels rattling over the currently cobblestone paths. Michael turned away from their vigil of the admittedly clear fields, glancing at her. “Hm?” “We’ve just run into way fewer monsters today than yesterday.Continue reading “Chapter 38 – Knights & Knaves”