Chapter 37 – Encounters on the Road

“Oh yes, it was quite the dreadful business,” Lady Fersen described, teacup in hand as the plump human noblewoman settled back in her seat, “Poor Briony really had attracted the wrong sort of attention from the king there, though not quite the wrong sort in the right way, as you might guess from how thingsContinue reading “Chapter 37 – Encounters on the Road”

Interlude 6 – Back in the West

“‘Fortunately, through the efforts of the Gororan loyalists in tandem with foreign aid, the curse was broken and the coup was resolved’,” Gabriel recited, report in hand as they stood in front of the desk of the Pontiff, “In other words, Michael and their companion, or perhaps companions, handled the issue.” “I thought the ShogunContinue reading “Interlude 6 – Back in the West”

Chapter 36 – Night of Revelry and Day of Rest

Among the many things Michael learned during their time in the mortal realms–most of it completely useless and trivial–one of the more helpful was the fact that all mortals needed rest. Or at least most of the ones they met. Something about mortal bodies just meant that they could get tired, exhausted, weary, etc. andContinue reading “Chapter 36 – Night of Revelry and Day of Rest”

Interlude 5 – The Annoying Knight Errant

Walking along the lonesome trail out of Rikfield, a lone, errant knight jauntily hummed to himself as he recalled the events that recently transpired, leaving behind the festivities that were growing in pitch. The clash of steel against undead flesh, the valiant strikes and mystic blasts, the roar of triumph as victory was achieved. SoContinue reading “Interlude 5 – The Annoying Knight Errant”

Chapter 35 – Thrillseeker

Michael slammed the door shut, dropping every bag in their arms as their hands erupted in flames– “Ah ah ha~!” the demon chided, wagging a gloved finger with a cheeky grin, her black teeth standing out against her purple flesh. A pair of golden eyes shone as she sat up, resting her hands on herContinue reading “Chapter 35 – Thrillseeker”

Chapter 34 – A New Journey

To the surprise of no one, least of all Michael, it turned out taking the motor carriage instead of normal transportation had some unintended side effects, the worst of which being that the stupid thing was–for some reason or another–a practical magnet for monsters of all types. The moment a large boar crashed into theContinue reading “Chapter 34 – A New Journey”

Interlude 4 – Gorokiva: Epilogue

“Former Daimyos of Mosa, Nobi, Hana, and Mera,” the Empress of Gorokiva began, sitting atop her throne as she looked down on the four traitorous lords within her sight, “Each and all of you stand accused of having engaged in plotting and attempting treason against this nation of Gorokiva. Each and all of you standContinue reading “Interlude 4 – Gorokiva: Epilogue”

Chapter 33 – Returning Favors

The Three Shades monastery was, as Noriko explained, the home of the Sanying Clan, a people originally coming from the mountains of Liorzula, down in the southern continent known as the Sun Lands. There was some deep history there regarding persecution, dark magic, and the charity of the Gororans to the clan, but Michael wasContinue reading “Chapter 33 – Returning Favors”

Chapter 32 – Tempting Fate

They wound up staying for another blasted week in Gorokiva. Things started just fine as they arrived at Shiomi. Sure, there was a surprisingly celebratory mood for a city that had just been ravaged by an invasion, but they did suppose it was only natural for mortals to be happy about their victories. The capitalContinue reading “Chapter 32 – Tempting Fate”

Chapter 31 – Rainy Recuperation

The boom of thunder woke Michael with a start, their eyes shooting open under the…completely dry ceiling. The fact that there was a ceiling to begin with was confusing. As was the fact that they were now wearing a nightgown. Especially since they last remembered– “This gal hasn’t brought it up before, but you snoreContinue reading “Chapter 31 – Rainy Recuperation”