Chapter 43 – The Mighty Melee

Waking up with an elf drooling on their chest was an interesting experience for Michael. Not least because the elf in question was still wearing absolutely nothing as she snuggled up to them under the blankets.  In some ways, they had gotten used to Anaya. In others, they were fairly certain they were going toContinue reading “Chapter 43 – The Mighty Melee”

Chapter 40 – A Knight’s Lament

“Misha Redwing…gods below, that’s soooooo cute~!” Seeker giggled cheerfully as she studied the sign-up sheet, a wide smile splitting her cheeks as she lounged in her own special observation room. Fitting for the most VIP of VIPs that could possibly grace the gilded shithole of a kingdom her beloved nemesis seemed to be insisting onContinue reading “Chapter 40 – A Knight’s Lament”

Interlude 5 – The Annoying Knight Errant

Walking along the lonesome trail out of Rikfield, a lone, errant knight jauntily hummed to himself as he recalled the events that recently transpired, leaving behind the festivities that were growing in pitch. The clash of steel against undead flesh, the valiant strikes and mystic blasts, the roar of triumph as victory was achieved. SoContinue reading “Interlude 5 – The Annoying Knight Errant”

Chapter 35 – Thrillseeker

Michael slammed the door shut, dropping every bag in their arms as their hands erupted in flames– “Ah ah ha~!” the demon chided, wagging a gloved finger with a cheeky grin, her black teeth standing out against her purple flesh. A pair of golden eyes shone as she sat up, resting her hands on herContinue reading “Chapter 35 – Thrillseeker”

Chapter 34 – A New Journey

To the surprise of no one, least of all Michael, it turned out taking the motor carriage instead of normal transportation had some unintended side effects, the worst of which being that the stupid thing was–for some reason or another–a practical magnet for monsters of all types. The moment a large boar crashed into theContinue reading “Chapter 34 – A New Journey”

Interlude 4 – Gorokiva: Epilogue

“Former Daimyos of Mosa, Nobi, Hana, and Mera,” the Empress of Gorokiva began, sitting atop her throne as she looked down on the four traitorous lords within her sight, “Each and all of you stand accused of having engaged in plotting and attempting treason against this nation of Gorokiva. Each and all of you standContinue reading “Interlude 4 – Gorokiva: Epilogue”

Chapter 30 – Call the Rain

“Ah, I was wondering what she’d become,” Kozloi said, watching as black smoke curled from Noriko’s hunched form, “That’s the empress’s sister, right? I didn’t recall the imperial family having a proper animal symbol, so I’m curious.” Michael stared. Noriko wasn’t screaming, not anymore, but there were still noises, pained ones, as her body twisted.Continue reading “Chapter 30 – Call the Rain”

Chapter 29 – Too Late

“Oh, but where are my manners?” the leviathan said with a playful smile. She placed a hand on her crimson chestplate, over her heart, and bowed, her sword acting as a cane where it was stabbed into the table she stood upon. “The people of this shallow land knew me as Yumin, wandering ronin andContinue reading “Chapter 29 – Too Late”

Chapter 28 – Easy Victories

Skyships were meant to be illegal in Gorokiva. The manufacturing, at the very least, was fully prohibited, largely because Shogun Kawajiri did not want the relatively new technology to upend his carefully crafted plans for his homeland’s advancement.  The ability to travel through the air, to more easily reach all across the country, was aContinue reading “Chapter 28 – Easy Victories”

Chapter 23 – Demonic Developments

Michael didn’t know what to expect from getting arrested, mainly because they never thought they would ever get arrested.  It was an odd experience, being a lawbreaker, though they preferred to think they were handling their situation better than typical mortal lawbreakers. At the moment, they were sitting in the local jail, though not behindContinue reading “Chapter 23 – Demonic Developments”