Chapter 40 – A Knight’s Lament

“Misha Redwing…gods below, that’s soooooo cute~!” Seeker giggled cheerfully as she studied the sign-up sheet, a wide smile splitting her cheeks as she lounged in her own special observation room. Fitting for the most VIP of VIPs that could possibly grace the gilded shithole of a kingdom her beloved nemesis seemed to be insisting onContinue reading “Chapter 40 – A Knight’s Lament”

Chapter 38 – Knights & Knaves

“Today’s been weirdly peaceful,” Noriko noted, up atop the motor carriage with Michael as they continued trundling down the roads of Luceneva, Charlie’s wheels rattling over the currently cobblestone paths. Michael turned away from their vigil of the admittedly clear fields, glancing at her. “Hm?” “We’ve just run into way fewer monsters today than yesterday.Continue reading “Chapter 38 – Knights & Knaves”

Chapter 34 – A New Journey

To the surprise of no one, least of all Michael, it turned out taking the motor carriage instead of normal transportation had some unintended side effects, the worst of which being that the stupid thing was–for some reason or another–a practical magnet for monsters of all types. The moment a large boar crashed into theContinue reading “Chapter 34 – A New Journey”