Chapter 16 – Daring Discoveries

Michael was beginning to wonder if they were cursed. It was a strange thought, but not an unreasonable one, due to the constant rain that seemed to follow them through Nassato and into Akino, the northeastern province of Gorokiva. They did handle that cursed charm, so there may have been some type of hidden retaliatoryContinue reading “Chapter 16 – Daring Discoveries”

Chapter 15 – Suspicious Occurrences

Michael didn’t expect much from Nassato. It was a province on their way southward towards Gorokiva, and even that wasn’t a stop they especially wanted to make on their trip.  Yes, they were aware that the whole matter of their tour was to visit all of the Light Lands, but their underlying mission was toContinue reading “Chapter 15 – Suspicious Occurrences”

Chapter 14 – Southward Bound

The noise Michael made as they woke up was incomparable to any sound made by mortal throats. The closest way to describe it was somewhere between a phlegm-filled snort and a majestic orchestra suddenly having its instruments all break at once, though not necessarily at the crescendo of their performance. More like somewhere in theContinue reading “Chapter 14 – Southward Bound”

Interlude 1 – The Former Hero and the Current Villains

Tisma Vlahos hadn’t really expected much from her return home. It was nice to see her kin again, but there wasn’t any sort of pressing need for it, just a casual get together. Hell, she’d had other things on her mind on the way over, what with her personally receiving an “early edition” of theContinue reading “Interlude 1 – The Former Hero and the Current Villains”

Chapter 13 – The Vlahos Family

Farms were a great deal larger than Michael had realized. Though perhaps it was simply a result of this particular farm being Sollamavan? Zemavan farms are definitely smaller than…hm. When’s the last time I’ve actually seen a Zemavan farm? There are those small ones, up in the hills, with the sheep and goats? Regardless, theContinue reading “Chapter 13 – The Vlahos Family”

Chapter 12 – A Paladin of Judgement

Paperwork was annoying, but Michael did take some satisfaction in placing their mark on the documents that would ensure a number of criminals would be brought to justice. Really, if one looked past the inherent monotony, it was almost enjoyable. The air of the dungeon was pleasant enough, it was brightly lit, and the quietContinue reading “Chapter 12 – A Paladin of Judgement”

Chapter 11 – Things Go Wrong

Gabriel “How did any of this happen!?” Pontiff Popola demanded as he slammed his hands down on the round table of the grand meeting room. He glared at the deacons of the faith, who either studiously refused to meet his eyes or were relaxing in apparent amusement at their colleagues’ ill-fortune. “Well!? How is itContinue reading “Chapter 11 – Things Go Wrong”

Chapter 10 – Meeting a Queen

Sona Komottos was a massive city. From the sky, it was shaped like a distorted oval, stretched on the sides and bending at points where large buildings stood and hills raised parts of the city above the lower plains. If Michael had anything to compare it to, it was an egg yolk; the majority wasContinue reading “Chapter 10 – Meeting a Queen”

Chapter 9 – Ruined Relaxation

Michael didn’t quite go unconscious. That would presume there was a cease in their awareness and the agony pulsing through their body.  They were panting in pain, prone on the ground while their back leaked with golden blood. Their second pair of wings finally dispersed, slightly numbing the burning heat, but still leaving a discomfortingContinue reading “Chapter 9 – Ruined Relaxation”

Chapter 8 – The Morningstar Salamandar

Michael learned two things upon stepping inside the massive building known to them as “The Salamander”. First, the full name was–according to the large sign over the front desk in the lobby–“The Morningstar Salamander Hotel & Casino”. Second was that the establishment was apparently a hotel. “…what’s a hotel?” Michael asked, speaking quietly to AnayaContinue reading “Chapter 8 – The Morningstar Salamandar”