Chapter 23 – Demonic Developments

Michael didn’t know what to expect from getting arrested, mainly because they never thought they would ever get arrested.  It was an odd experience, being a lawbreaker, though they preferred to think they were handling their situation better than typical mortal lawbreakers. At the moment, they were sitting in the local jail, though not behindContinue reading “Chapter 23 – Demonic Developments”

Chapter 22 – Pursuit in the City of Water

Vivian was avoiding them.  Michael was willing to admit that they were not a perfect angel, and therefore they could miss things, but they were positive the paladin of light was avoiding them. Even now, back at Kyora–or, more accurately, the town’s outskirts–Vivian remained by the carriage, aiding Polina in unhitching the unicorns from saidContinue reading “Chapter 22 – Pursuit in the City of Water”

Interlude 2 – A Dragon’s Desires

Up. And down. Up. And down. Up. And down. Sweat glistened down skin and scales. The slow rhythm of rising and dropping, like the sun shining through the windows. Light glinted off the equipment inside, off of weights and chains and racks–not made for torture, but for improvement. “Most men would want a spotter,” theContinue reading “Interlude 2 – A Dragon’s Desires”

Interlude 1 – The Former Hero and the Current Villains

Tisma Vlahos hadn’t really expected much from her return home. It was nice to see her kin again, but there wasn’t any sort of pressing need for it, just a casual get together. Hell, she’d had other things on her mind on the way over, what with her personally receiving an “early edition” of theContinue reading “Interlude 1 – The Former Hero and the Current Villains”

Chapter 9 – Ruined Relaxation

Michael didn’t quite go unconscious. That would presume there was a cease in their awareness and the agony pulsing through their body.  They were panting in pain, prone on the ground while their back leaked with golden blood. Their second pair of wings finally dispersed, slightly numbing the burning heat, but still leaving a discomfortingContinue reading “Chapter 9 – Ruined Relaxation”

Chapter 8 – The Morningstar Salamandar

Michael learned two things upon stepping inside the massive building known to them as “The Salamander”. First, the full name was–according to the large sign over the front desk in the lobby–“The Morningstar Salamander Hotel & Casino”. Second was that the establishment was apparently a hotel. “…what’s a hotel?” Michael asked, speaking quietly to AnayaContinue reading “Chapter 8 – The Morningstar Salamandar”