The Stories

The Demon Lord’s Lover (DLL): All heroes have mentors. All mentors die. Call it a trope, a curse, or a basic foundation of reality, but that has been the case for the heroes of the Light Lands for thousands of years, and Julius Goldforge–former hero, current blacksmith, and reluctant mentor–is now fairly convinced he’s going to meet the same fate. At least until he actually meets the Demon Lord, aka the Empress of the Dark Lands, Claire Valondrac, and realizes love at first sight might not be complete bull. Of course, there’s still the slight issue of the ongoing invasion..

A Just God’s Angel (JGA): All angels are born from gods. All angels serve at their god’s behest. And things would be so much less complicated for Cardinal Michael if those were the only truths they had to deal with. Unfortunately, mortals exist. Even more unfortunately, Michael, otherwise known as Misha, now has to guide one–a far too casual druid named Anaya–on a tour of the Light Lands, ostensibly so the divine can make good connections with the mortal. Not that Misha particularly wants to make those connections, but when it turns out leviathans from the Deep Lands are plotting to drive the Light Land nations into anarchy and claim the continent as their own, some discomforts have to be tolerated. Even if the modest angel keeps having their boundaries pushed.

At least they can be fairly confident their siblings–Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Sariel–have things handled just fine back home, right? …Right?

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