Chapter 28 – Easy Victories

Skyships were meant to be illegal in Gorokiva. The manufacturing, at the very least, was fully prohibited, largely because Shogun Kawajiri did not want the relatively new technology to upend his carefully crafted plans for his homeland’s advancement.  The ability to travel through the air, to more easily reach all across the country, was aContinue reading “Chapter 28 – Easy Victories”

Chapter 16 – Daring Discoveries

Michael was beginning to wonder if they were cursed. It was a strange thought, but not an unreasonable one, due to the constant rain that seemed to follow them through Nassato and into Akino, the northeastern province of Gorokiva. They did handle that cursed charm, so there may have been some type of hidden retaliatoryContinue reading “Chapter 16 – Daring Discoveries”

Epilogue – The Demon Lord’s Lover

Claire glanced up from her book as the door to her lounge opened, and immediately smiled as she saw who was strolling in. “Oh Julius! You-…Uh, what happened? You look…sweaty.” “Hm? Oh, uh, right, that.” Julius shrugged, brushing a hand through his blond hair, matted slightly with sweat. “Eh…it’s partially something I’ll talk about inContinue reading “Epilogue – The Demon Lord’s Lover”

Chapter 39 – New Plans

Julius woke with a start, his dreamless sleep cutting out as he jolted upward. The blanket draped over him dropped off his chest and he blinked, trying to look around the now dim cave. Which…huh. Seona had never set a light up, but he was seeing fine yesterday…Weird. Speaking of, the ‘dullahan’ was sleeping aContinue reading “Chapter 39 – New Plans”

Interlude 5 – A Mage and an Orb

Douglas Yew was a positive man. He was positive that his friend Julius was going to get in trouble with the Dahsins, so he decided to visit the Kalavichos. He was positive his presence in Hulthemia would cause problems, so he limited his time spent in the city. And, most of all, he was positivelyContinue reading “Interlude 5 – A Mage and an Orb”

Chapter 27 – Dealing with the Governors

Stumbling slightly as he dragged most of the Black Shell assassins out of the ship, Julius kept his newly obtained dagger pressed against the back of the only one still walking. Well, limping. Really, he would’ve dealt with that prick too, but he needed to know where the person who hired them was. At theContinue reading “Chapter 27 – Dealing with the Governors”

Chapter 26 – Vague Warnings

Douglas wasn’t actually back at the ship when he checked, weirdly enough. Joral said he had shown up, but just to get some books and wandered off somewhere afterward, muttering about research. Joral also mentioned how Julius really should start telling him when they were going to be bringing more people onboard, because they onlyContinue reading “Chapter 26 – Vague Warnings”

Chapter 25 – Allies and Enemies

So after Sue wound up smashing their prisoner through a wall, Julius, his students, and their ‘guests’ were politely, but firmly, asked to leave the inn they’d rented by the innkeeper. So that sucked. Luckily, for a given value of luck, the Viokas decided to play host for them at their ‘gubernatorial manor’, which wasContinue reading “Chapter 25 – Allies and Enemies”