30 – Ivory

Bonnie Terato had been a young girl when the Enchantress came knocking on her door. If asked, she wouldn’t be able to place her exact age. Older than ten, perhaps, though younger than thirteen.  Old enough to have opinions about old women trying to get into her house. Her parents were out at the time.Continue reading “30 – Ivory”

29 – Ebony

Bonnie needed something simple. She’d been dealing with a number of beings both fair and foul, and she honestly just wanted something simple and vicious to deal with. No fae, no demons, no vengeance quests. Just a monster that needed dealing with. There were always monsters that needed dealing with. Blackwood, a hanging tree withContinue reading “29 – Ebony”

27 – Serpent’s Den

Ramon was not the only name he had. He’d been called a wolf, a dog, a mutt, a mongrel, even a coyote. He would balk at the idea of being called a hound though, for it implied domestication and ownership. He was his own master, though many would consider him feral for having such aContinue reading “27 – Serpent’s Den”

26 – Cat’s Cradle

Bonnie was glad to have her coat back. The dress wasn’t a bad change, but she felt better in hunter’s garb than in any gown. That kind of life wasn’t meant for her. The cat’s lounge wasn’t anything special. Chairs and couches were sat around round tables marked by green cloth. Guests here played gamesContinue reading “26 – Cat’s Cradle”

25 – Parasite

The human body is vulnerable. It lacks the natural defenses other creatures have; the thicker hides, the hard scales, the protective shells.  Mankind knew what it lacked, so it crafted unnatural defense to counter natural offense. Thus Civilization rose from Nature. Humans had no claws, so they crafted knives. Humans had no fur, so theyContinue reading “25 – Parasite”

18 – Strigoi

Strigoi weren’t nearly as simple as Moroi. Moroi were easy, compared to Strigoi. They were blood hungry beasts with barely a thought between their ears. The batlike beasts could hide, they could ambush, and they could, with some effort, come up with plans. The Strigoi, on the other hand, could actually think. Not like humansContinue reading “18 – Strigoi”

17 – Moroi

Mors were simple. It was always the Strigs you had to look out for. Moroi were stupid. Strigoi were also stupid, but in a more human way. Mors were like varcs, though they didn’t wear human skin. They were a mutation, a transformation, not in the same way as a varc. Nothing tore its wayContinue reading “17 – Moroi”

11 – Wyrmling

“Wow, you look like shit.” Bonnie glowered at Larry. She had a lot of reasons to dislike Larry, but his lack of tact was most certainly one of them. A fair-skinned and dark-haired hunter in a purple coat, Lawrence Kingsley also had a reputation among the Hunter’s Union. Namely as the idiot that decided toContinue reading “11 – Wyrmling”

10 – Daybreak

Bonnie pulled her coat on. She needed new clothes again. She gathered her weapons and strapped them on as best she could. She found her knife again. That was good, it would make things easier. She had remembered to bring a bag this time, and it made collecting the heads far easier. Most were alreadyContinue reading “10 – Daybreak”