22 – Bearing

Bonnie had to admit, the food at the ball was good. It looked good, but how something looked and what it was were often entirely separate from one another when dealing with fae. To tell the truth, a large part of her had expected something more grotesque. A banquet of rot, perhaps, where there wasContinue reading “22 – Bearing”

20 – Aurum

Castle Aurora. It was a name that resonated among those who yearned for the fantastic: The Castle without a King.  No ruler held it, no lord claimed its land. It belonged to the Kindred, in as much as it could belong to anyone. They were its hosts, and a grand ball was always held inContinue reading “20 – Aurum”

7 – Silence

Success and failure came with the turns of the tides, or so it was said. Reality had other things to say, such as claims of socio-economic factors, random chance, and certain tasks just genuinely being too difficult to accomplish.  And all of those reasons were, largely, taken as pithy excuses from those in positions ofContinue reading “7 – Silence”

Interlude 4 – Gorokiva: Epilogue

“Former Daimyos of Mosa, Nobi, Hana, and Mera,” the Empress of Gorokiva began, sitting atop her throne as she looked down on the four traitorous lords within her sight, “Each and all of you stand accused of having engaged in plotting and attempting treason against this nation of Gorokiva. Each and all of you standContinue reading “Interlude 4 – Gorokiva: Epilogue”

Chapter 23 – Demonic Developments

Michael didn’t know what to expect from getting arrested, mainly because they never thought they would ever get arrested.  It was an odd experience, being a lawbreaker, though they preferred to think they were handling their situation better than typical mortal lawbreakers. At the moment, they were sitting in the local jail, though not behindContinue reading “Chapter 23 – Demonic Developments”