22 – Bearing

Bonnie had to admit, the food at the ball was good. It looked good, but how something looked and what it was were often entirely separate from one another when dealing with fae. To tell the truth, a large part of her had expected something more grotesque. A banquet of rot, perhaps, where there wasContinue reading “22 – Bearing”

18 – Strigoi

Strigoi weren’t nearly as simple as Moroi. Moroi were easy, compared to Strigoi. They were blood hungry beasts with barely a thought between their ears. The batlike beasts could hide, they could ambush, and they could, with some effort, come up with plans. The Strigoi, on the other hand, could actually think. Not like humansContinue reading “18 – Strigoi”

15 – Arachnophobia

To study the vast mysteries of reality was to invite madness. It was an old adage, and a reasonable one in some ways, and entirely illogical in others.  Reality was meant to be explored. To be studied. To be understood. The human drive called curiosity was a natural part of mankind’s existence, as natural asContinue reading “15 – Arachnophobia”

14 – Kindness

Bonnie was well aware that Goldie happened to be an ostentatious person. It was impossible to miss, from her name to her garb, that the woman liked wealth and to be seen as wealthy.  Bonnie should have expected then that her reward for aiding Goldie would be, perhaps, more costly than she would have preferred.Continue reading “14 – Kindness”

13 – Luckless

“You sure have some shit luck, don’t you, lady?” said the cheating prick sitting at the gambling table. Bonnie wasn’t having a great time. Her guns were still broken, which was only part of why she was annoyed. A larger part came from how she had been dragged along on another job. With the localContinue reading “13 – Luckless”

9 – Lunatic

The next job Bonnie took was a simpler one. No escorting. No walking with the damned. Her skin still crawled and she wanted nothing more than to scrub her mind clean with the violence afforded to her profession. There was a Full Moon coming. The Hunter’s Moon. Worse things came out when the moon wasContinue reading “9 – Lunatic”

5 – Ispolin

Goldie Leraje had a reputation at the Hunter’s Union. Blonde and bronzed, she cut a striking figure in a dandelion coat and a wide-brimmed hand over her braided hair. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief at almost all times, and her tendency to carry gilded weaponry added to her impression of wealth and success, thoughContinue reading “5 – Ispolin”

Chapter 2 – Varc

“I, uh…I thought all of your, er, type wore red?” Bonnie Blackcoat was a nickname she had. Because of the coat. The black one, with a hood that covered skin darker than most in the snowfields. Not the warm bronze shade of the nomads, nor the deep brown of the southerners. An olive tone, someContinue reading “Chapter 2 – Varc”