28 – Hellhound

Gilda Laurent had a bit of a reputation in her hometown. The young blonde tended to get in trouble, more often than not, out of a mix of tomboyish energy and a fascination with money that bordered on the avaricious. More than once, she had been caught tricking the other children her age, and someContinue reading “28 – Hellhound”

9 – Lunatic

The next job Bonnie took was a simpler one. No escorting. No walking with the damned. Her skin still crawled and she wanted nothing more than to scrub her mind clean with the violence afforded to her profession. There was a Full Moon coming. The Hunter’s Moon. Worse things came out when the moon wasContinue reading “9 – Lunatic”

5 – Ispolin

Goldie Leraje had a reputation at the Hunter’s Union. Blonde and bronzed, she cut a striking figure in a dandelion coat and a wide-brimmed hand over her braided hair. Her blue eyes sparkled with mischief at almost all times, and her tendency to carry gilded weaponry added to her impression of wealth and success, thoughContinue reading “5 – Ispolin”

Chapter 2 – Varc

“I, uh…I thought all of your, er, type wore red?” Bonnie Blackcoat was a nickname she had. Because of the coat. The black one, with a hood that covered skin darker than most in the snowfields. Not the warm bronze shade of the nomads, nor the deep brown of the southerners. An olive tone, someContinue reading “Chapter 2 – Varc”