Interlude 3 – Downpour

Divine intervention was a rare thing. For good reason, or so the gods would say. The divine did not normally interfere with the mortal for a number of reasons. Some would say it was to avoid coddling the mortal, to let them live their lives without a heavenly hand holding them down. Others would sayContinue reading “Interlude 3 – Downpour”

Chapter 27 – Obligation and Investment

All across the lands of Gorokiva, people of power were making choices. In the Wintery lands of Northwestern Fuyuno, three lords met in a summit at Kama, the city of blades, to talk of problems they had learned of. Under steel ceilings and bladed roofs, Yataro Akaboshi shared his tale of a cursed shop, aContinue reading “Chapter 27 – Obligation and Investment”

Chapter 26 – The Dragon Brothers

It was bright. For some reason, that stuck out to Michael. All indications they’d had was that Arashino was a land of storms. An odd place to position the capital, perhaps, but still. It struck them as odd that it was so sunny out in a place where rain was held as sacred. They touchedContinue reading “Chapter 26 – The Dragon Brothers”