Chapter 30 – Call the Rain

“Ah, I was wondering what she’d become,” Kozloi said, watching as black smoke curled from Noriko’s hunched form, “That’s the empress’s sister, right? I didn’t recall the imperial family having a proper animal symbol, so I’m curious.” Michael stared. Noriko wasn’t screaming, not anymore, but there were still noises, pained ones, as her body twisted.Continue reading “Chapter 30 – Call the Rain”

Chapter 29 – Too Late

“Oh, but where are my manners?” the leviathan said with a playful smile. She placed a hand on her crimson chestplate, over her heart, and bowed, her sword acting as a cane where it was stabbed into the table she stood upon. “The people of this shallow land knew me as Yumin, wandering ronin andContinue reading “Chapter 29 – Too Late”

Chapter 28 – Easy Victories

Skyships were meant to be illegal in Gorokiva. The manufacturing, at the very least, was fully prohibited, largely because Shogun Kawajiri did not want the relatively new technology to upend his carefully crafted plans for his homeland’s advancement.  The ability to travel through the air, to more easily reach all across the country, was aContinue reading “Chapter 28 – Easy Victories”

Chapter 27 – Obligation and Investment

All across the lands of Gorokiva, people of power were making choices. In the Wintery lands of Northwestern Fuyuno, three lords met in a summit at Kama, the city of blades, to talk of problems they had learned of. Under steel ceilings and bladed roofs, Yataro Akaboshi shared his tale of a cursed shop, aContinue reading “Chapter 27 – Obligation and Investment”