Interlude 6 – Back in the West

“‘Fortunately, through the efforts of the Gororan loyalists in tandem with foreign aid, the curse was broken and the coup was resolved’,” Gabriel recited, report in hand as they stood in front of the desk of the Pontiff, “In other words, Michael and their companion, or perhaps companions, handled the issue.” “I thought the ShogunContinue reading “Interlude 6 – Back in the West”

Interlude 3 – Downpour

Divine intervention was a rare thing. For good reason, or so the gods would say. The divine did not normally interfere with the mortal for a number of reasons. Some would say it was to avoid coddling the mortal, to let them live their lives without a heavenly hand holding them down. Others would sayContinue reading “Interlude 3 – Downpour”

Interlude 2 – A Dragon’s Desires

Up. And down. Up. And down. Up. And down. Sweat glistened down skin and scales. The slow rhythm of rising and dropping, like the sun shining through the windows. Light glinted off the equipment inside, off of weights and chains and racks–not made for torture, but for improvement. “Most men would want a spotter,” theContinue reading “Interlude 2 – A Dragon’s Desires”

Interlude 1 – The Former Hero and the Current Villains

Tisma Vlahos hadn’t really expected much from her return home. It was nice to see her kin again, but there wasn’t any sort of pressing need for it, just a casual get together. Hell, she’d had other things on her mind on the way over, what with her personally receiving an “early edition” of theContinue reading “Interlude 1 – The Former Hero and the Current Villains”

Interlude 24 – A Small Town

Alongside the mountainous region called Ebkai, there existed many towns and villages; some set atop high cliffs and mountain peaks, and others nestled in cozy valleys. One such town of the latter description was called Surton, a lovely town that Amitiel found herself in charge of after she and her beloved had settled down there. Continue reading “Interlude 24 – A Small Town”

Interlude 23 – An Epilogue

“We didn’t do shit,” Sergio complained with a deep frown, catching the attention of everyone else at the poker table. The makeshift poker table, really, grabbed from another room in Castle Valondrac–real original name there–so they didn’t have to move from the training hall. It was round enough, and it seated about everyone that wantedContinue reading “Interlude 23 – An Epilogue”

Interlude 22 – What Just Happened?

“-AND UNHAND ME AT ONCE-!”  Vocula was a very shouty man. Very loud and unpleasant, or so Charlotte thought to herself as she carried him from the building. It was a shame she had to deal with him, but not too much of one. Politics were not her speciality, after all. “Down you go,” sheContinue reading “Interlude 22 – What Just Happened?”

Interlude 21 – Family is Weird

“My thanks to you for listening to my piece, Aunty Sova,” Maria Loren intoned in the politest tone she thought she could handle, bowing to her sorta-aunt/not-really-stepmom with her arms in her robes, like one was supposed to do with this type of thingy. Sorta. A public plaza wasn’t exactly the most politest of places,Continue reading “Interlude 21 – Family is Weird”

Interlude 20 – The Tundra’s Fist

Julius and Ellen did their best to move quickly but quietly as they traveled through the forests of Naloriva. After what…happened, the party found themselves in need of some money. Blake was the one with the funds and he…So, even with what Tisma had on her, and what they’d barely managed to scrape out ofContinue reading “Interlude 20 – The Tundra’s Fist”

Interlude 19 – Father and Daughter

Cyrus hummed “The Lover and the Dreamer” under his breath as he walked through the halls of Castle Valondrac; the song felt fitting, in many ways, dedicated as it was to the idea of two divine beings from separate tribes coming together in passion and romance. Granted, said romance ended quite terribly so it hopefullyContinue reading “Interlude 19 – Father and Daughter”