15 – Arachnophobia

To study the vast mysteries of reality was to invite madness. It was an old adage, and a reasonable one in some ways, and entirely illogical in others.  Reality was meant to be explored. To be studied. To be understood. The human drive called curiosity was a natural part of mankind’s existence, as natural asContinue reading “15 – Arachnophobia”

14 – Kindness

Bonnie was well aware that Goldie happened to be an ostentatious person. It was impossible to miss, from her name to her garb, that the woman liked wealth and to be seen as wealthy.  Bonnie should have expected then that her reward for aiding Goldie would be, perhaps, more costly than she would have preferred.Continue reading “14 – Kindness”

Bonus Chapter 5 – The Albino Arachnid

Act 1: A Little White Spider Bleakclaw Mountain had a reputation in the Dark Lands. Plenty of mountains did, because mountains were where dungeon cores absolutely loved to plant themselves, but Bleakclaw was well known for playing host to one of the deadliest dungeons on the entire continent, one that had spread throughout the entireContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 5 – The Albino Arachnid”