Chapter 36 – Night of Revelry and Day of Rest

Among the many things Michael learned during their time in the mortal realms–most of it completely useless and trivial–one of the more helpful was the fact that all mortals needed rest. Or at least most of the ones they met. Something about mortal bodies just meant that they could get tired, exhausted, weary, etc. andContinue reading “Chapter 36 – Night of Revelry and Day of Rest”

Bonus Chapter 9 – The Inventive Artificer

For goblins, two things mattered above all else: Community and Survival. To survive, one needs a community, and for a community to grow, one needs to survive. So it went without saying that goblins gained the best skill for that: Adaptability.  Whether they made for hunters who lived in dungeons or silver-tongued sellers who madeContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 9 – The Inventive Artificer”

Bonus Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Bane

Leok earned her name when she was twelve, still a whelp by any standard out there. ‘Sides goblins, maybe? Or summa those other smaller folks out there, though most folk were small to her. The Ferrus Lion she fought way back then was a very big bastard though, and a hell of a fun matchContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Bane”