Chapter 22 – Pursuit in the City of Water

Vivian was avoiding them.  Michael was willing to admit that they were not a perfect angel, and therefore they could miss things, but they were positive the paladin of light was avoiding them. Even now, back at Kyora–or, more accurately, the town’s outskirts–Vivian remained by the carriage, aiding Polina in unhitching the unicorns from saidContinue reading “Chapter 22 – Pursuit in the City of Water”

Bonus Chapter 7 – The Cheating Fox

Kitsune are not beastfolk. That might sound confusing, so let’s take it from the top, to make things more clear. Beastfolk are a type of mortal being; it’s a broad term, not referring to just one race, but a ton of different races that share just enough similarities that they could be considered related, andContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 7 – The Cheating Fox”