Chapter 33 – Returning Favors

The Three Shades monastery was, as Noriko explained, the home of the Sanying Clan, a people originally coming from the mountains of Liorzula, down in the southern continent known as the Sun Lands. There was some deep history there regarding persecution, dark magic, and the charity of the Gororans to the clan, but Michael wasContinue reading “Chapter 33 – Returning Favors”

Bonus Chapter 11 – The Demon Lord’s God

Rot was an old god. One of the oldest, really. Younger than her parents, called either the Ancients or the Titans depending on the era; younger than the five elemental gods, born from unions of opposites; and older than the moon hanging in the mortal skies. She was the eldest of the Ouza, the godsContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 11 – The Demon Lord’s God”