Interlude 2 – A Dragon’s Desires

Up. And down. Up. And down. Up. And down. Sweat glistened down skin and scales. The slow rhythm of rising and dropping, like the sun shining through the windows. Light glinted off the equipment inside, off of weights and chains and racks–not made for torture, but for improvement. “Most men would want a spotter,” theContinue reading “Interlude 2 – A Dragon’s Desires”

Chapter 17 – The Immortal Capital

Explaining the entirety of the leviathan debacle–carefully edited so as not to imply that Misha the perfectly normal paladin was actually Michael the cardinal angel–took the better part of a morning and an afternoon to get through. Largely because Michael had to keep thinking of ways to explain why Misha Centola would know things thatContinue reading “Chapter 17 – The Immortal Capital”

Chapter 8 – The Morningstar Salamandar

Michael learned two things upon stepping inside the massive building known to them as “The Salamander”. First, the full name was–according to the large sign over the front desk in the lobby–“The Morningstar Salamander Hotel & Casino”. Second was that the establishment was apparently a hotel. “…what’s a hotel?” Michael asked, speaking quietly to AnayaContinue reading “Chapter 8 – The Morningstar Salamandar”