Chapter 19 – The Explosion

Rokuhara brought them relatively far from the town, though the trip didn’t take too long. Both of them could fly, and without anyone around, Michael was perfectly fine with allowing their wings free for this excursion. It was pleasant. Letting their wings spread from their back, feeling the wind on them. It had been tooContinue reading “Chapter 19 – The Explosion”

Chapter 18 – The Great Thunder Dragon

The ride from Akino to Natsuno was…frustrating. Very frustrating. “We need better transportation,” Michael stated, ignoring the immediately offended looks Gauri and Sadja gave them. “Eh? Why?” Polina asked, apparently unbothered by the almost glacial pace they’d been taking through the provinces of Autumn and Summer. “We’ve been makin’ good time for cross-country travel.” “NoContinue reading “Chapter 18 – The Great Thunder Dragon”

Bonus Chapter 6 – The Ice Dragon

Seth was bored.  He was usually bored. Life was boring. His breath misted into the air as he sighed. Which was different from usual. It was summer, so the sun was actually out. Even then, it couldn’t overwhelm his home country’s natural cold, but it made it warmer. Though it was probably the fires causingContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 6 – The Ice Dragon”