Chapter 4 – The Road to the Top

The Ebkai Mountain Range was a massive, natural wall that acted as the direct border between the Light Lands and the Dark Lands. Composed of over a dozen major peaks stretching from the Grecal Sea in the north to the Orisalic Ocean in the south, it was easily the longest mountain range on the twinContinue reading “Chapter 4 – The Road to the Top”

Chapter 3 – First of Many

Maria Loren was an interesting girl. As a half-elf, Maria lacked the antlers her mother and other wood elves had, but she kept the longer, pointed ears common to the elvish race. Likewise, while her skin-tone matched her mother’s and her green eyes clearly came from Namita, her orange hair was the spitting, fiery imageContinue reading “Chapter 3 – First of Many”