Chapter 13 – The Northern Nation

Tramontava was a bright place and its capital, Stenistrata, was equally bright. And also huge. Probably four or five times the size of Orindaco. Though, maybe that wasn’t the right city to compare it to. Queenshill, the capital of Luceneva, was the closest city in terms of scale Julius could think of, but it wasn’tContinue reading “Chapter 13 – The Northern Nation”

Chapter 12 – Education

Julius sighed, his arms crossed over his chest. “Okay, so…metal magic.” He frowned to himself, staring at his students’ expectant faces. He, Sophia, Maria, and, for some reason, Sergio, were all currently sitting cross-legged on the floor of the Finja’s hull. His remaining students–Adrien, Sue, and Mask–were currently sparring up on deck while he triedContinue reading “Chapter 12 – Education”

Chapter 11 – Water Temple

The Holy Water Temple of Mesa Island was an interesting place.  Mesic was a serious and stern god, and her temple reflected that in being completely and utterly vicious to anyone who wasn’t prepared to deal with its challenges. At the same time, it wasn’t anywhere as straightforward as the other two ‘Matron Temples’, whichContinue reading “Chapter 11 – Water Temple”

Chapter 10 – Ships and Shrines

After a talk with a very confused Mask, a reunion with his overly distracted students, and a trade to his moderately delighted sister, Julius finally had his damn ship and could get on with his world-saving quest.  Well, continent saving. Maybe world-saving. It depended on how far Valondrac wanted to go with her conquest. PointContinue reading “Chapter 10 – Ships and Shrines”

Chapter 9 – Family and Friends

It was weird, sitting in his sister’s office like this. Leaving aside the fact that it felt weird knowing his own older sister, whose childhood dream had been to become a Pirate Queen, had a fancy, upscale office right above a dock right outside her manor–her manor–in the first place, Graves clearly hadn’t expected she’dContinue reading “Chapter 9 – Family and Friends”

Interlude 1 – Claire

“Your majesty? Are you okay in there?” “YES! I’M FINE! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Claire Valondrac, feared Demon Lord of the Dark Lands, master of the dark elements, overlord of the demon-blooded races and chosen champion of the greater demonic powers, yelled at her head butler through the locked door of her bedroom.  She growled angrily,Continue reading “Interlude 1 – Claire”

Chapter 8 – Familiar Faces, Familiar Places

Julius wasn’t a stranger to waking up somewhere that he wasn’t familiar with. Blake, his own former mentor, often dropped Ellen and him in the middle of a random place while they were asleep for training. And, in some cases, he’d just go a bit overboard when partying.  However, this was the first time heContinue reading “Chapter 8 – Familiar Faces, Familiar Places”