Chapter 21 – Flower Petals

As he stared out at the massive crowd that surrounded the Finja, seemingly waiting for them to unboard the ship, Julius made a mental note to never tempt the universe again.  The crowd itself wasn’t that much of a problem, since it wasn’t unheard of for the Heroes to receive a large welcoming party inContinue reading “Chapter 21 – Flower Petals”

Chapter 20 – The Rose Country

If there was one word Julius could use to describe Hulthemia, the capital city of Rosiava, it was sprawling. Nestled in the center of an old and large caldera, the streets of the city all spread out from a central point at the core of the caldera where an old fort remained, rebuilt over theContinue reading “Chapter 20 – The Rose Country”

Chapter 19 – Southward Bound

Julius took a slow breath to steady himself. The Finja was drifting over a small Tramontavan town at the moment, and he needed to take this opportunity before they crossed the border. If he waited, his task would just get harder and harder… He frowned. For some reason, that didn’t sound right. Well, whatever. HeContinue reading “Chapter 19 – Southward Bound”

Interlude 3 – Divine

The world of Estus was a connected one. There were small connections, little holes in the fabric of reality that the occasional poor unfortunates slipped through, and big connections, leading to realms of a very different nature than the physical world in between them. If one were to face the planet head-on, and had theContinue reading “Interlude 3 – Divine”

Chapter 15 – A Night of Rest

While Julius would have preferred to finish the Wind Temple as soon as possible, what had happened earlier that day just completely took everything out of him. Thankfully, instead of having to go back to the Finja or find an inn, his group was actually allowed to stay in the castle. Even better, they wereContinue reading “Chapter 15 – A Night of Rest”

Interlude 2 – Meet the Hero

Julius always considered himself to be rather simple. He took things as they came and didn’t question them. Well, aside from now anyways.  “So remind me how a mage got chosen by a sword,” said the young blond fighter as he scratched his head.  “Well, it’s like it chose him for his spirit, I guess?”Continue reading “Interlude 2 – Meet the Hero”