Interlude 9 – The Return of the Finja

If one were to look up into the skies near the Ebkai mountains, they would see an approaching skyship slowly sailing down into the docks. Around two weeks after its wreckage at the hands of a dragon, the Finja was returning back to the dock it called home. It was certainly interesting having to stayContinue reading “Interlude 9 – The Return of the Finja”

Chapter 35 – The Country of Light

Julius had a very…interesting time on the journey to Zemava. After his latest meeting with Claire, he just sort of…stared blankly off into the distance, watching the coast as their ship continued its voyage. He had a feeling that Douglas and Tisma knew why, but he refused to talk about it.  At the very least,Continue reading “Chapter 35 – The Country of Light”

Chapter 34 – The Final Stretch Begins

It was worse. It was so much worse than Julius ever could’ve imagined. He’d expected screaming. He’d expected yelling. He’d expected them to get outright banished from the island. Maybe even from the entire nation!  He really didn’t expect to have to see Chief Hiroto Torahiko burying his face in his arms, visibly shaking asContinue reading “Chapter 34 – The Final Stretch Begins”

Chapter 33 – The Lightning Temple

Maria had a damn good singing voice. Granted, Julius couldn’t exactly understand a word of what she was singing at the moment, but it did still sound really nice. The caster of their group, currently decked out in some golden, lightning-bolt emblazoned robes provided by the Torahikos, was standing right outside the huge round doorContinue reading “Chapter 33 – The Lightning Temple”

Chapter 32 – Catching Up

Having clothes on again was nice. So was actually being with his students, especially since they were all mostly unharmed and Douglas easily patched up any injuries they might’ve had. Even nicer was the fact that they somehow met up with Tisma, of all people.  “Why ain’t I surprised he jumped off a skyship toContinue reading “Chapter 32 – Catching Up”

Interlude 8 – The Wandering Minotaur

His hands grasped tightly around the hoofed foot pinning him down, desperately trying to keep it from crushing his chest in, Julius could do little else but glare furiously at the enormous, four-armed and blood-red devil staring him down, a horrible grin full of sharp yellow fangs splitting the bottom half of her face. BlackContinue reading “Interlude 8 – The Wandering Minotaur”

Interlude 7 – On a Different Island

Sylsa let out a heavy sigh as she sat back down on the deck of the ship, watching the angel, Kokriel, fly off to her teachers’ rescue. Everyone else was moving, meanwhile. It was a constant flurry of anxious motion since the crew of the Finja had to fully deactivate the balloons attached to theContinue reading “Interlude 7 – On a Different Island”

Chapter 30 – The High Skies

Gorokiva was a fascinating nation with a very long history, interesting people, and a unique culture within the Light Lands that had formed and lasted through the influences of its outworlder immigrants. Shame they weren’t bothering to see any of it though. “Can’t we at least make one stop?” groaned Maria as she stared backContinue reading “Chapter 30 – The High Skies”

Interlude 6 – Young Heroes

Stretching his arms over his head, Julius looked out at his store, finally finished sorting everything. He didn’t really need to do anything like that, but after the ‘party’ at Castle Lucene the previous night, he needed something to distract himself. It was a good thing that day just so happened one of the daysContinue reading “Interlude 6 – Young Heroes”