Chapter 40 – The City of Blood

Plachor was about what Julius expected, while also not at all what he thought it would be.  For one thing, darklander architecture was fucking weird. According to Seona, it was “gothic”, which apparently meant a ton of clustered structures and intricate designs on every single building. Also lots of spikes and spires springing up allContinue reading “Chapter 40 – The City of Blood”

Interlude 11 – Valondrac

If there was one word that could describe Claire Valondrac at the current moment, it would be exasperated. Half her life she spent building up her forces and plotting to creating an endless army to fight and finally win against the Light Lands. And then the Lightning Core broke.  Not immediately, fortunately. She was stillContinue reading “Interlude 11 – Valondrac”

Chapter 39 – New Plans

Julius woke with a start, his dreamless sleep cutting out as he jolted upward. The blanket draped over him dropped off his chest and he blinked, trying to look around the now dim cave. Which…huh. Seona had never set a light up, but he was seeing fine yesterday…Weird. Speaking of, the ‘dullahan’ was sleeping aContinue reading “Chapter 39 – New Plans”

Interlude 10 – The Light God’s Voice

All elves, no matter the kind, had very long memories, and Caius Cornelius Veritas Vocula was no exception. Perhaps that was why he formed grudges so easily? Every miniscule slight and conflict stood stark in his mind, and he utterly despised all forms of disrespect.  Fortunately for him, his long life as an adherent toContinue reading “Interlude 10 – The Light God’s Voice”

Chapter 37 – The Dark Lands

It was impossible to tell how much time had passed on the ‘journey’–everything became a blur of fire as the angel flew Julius to wherever they were going–and the instant Julius regained control over his body again, he had to brace himself as Michael dropped him straight to the rough ground.  A plume of ashContinue reading “Chapter 37 – The Dark Lands”

Chapter 36 – The Light Temple

Why the fuck was Torahiko here.  Julius shook his head, trying to focus. Which was kind of awkward because, again, Hiroto Torahiko was apparently one of the few people allowed in on this super special meeting with Pontiff Vocula. And he was also sitting right next to him. Which totally wasn’t making Julius feel awkward. Continue reading “Chapter 36 – The Light Temple”