Interlude 16 – Important Negotiations

Caius Vocula was having a very bad week. At least, he was fairly certain it had just been a week. He wasn’t entirely sure, but he was somewhat worried it had been far longer and he simply didn’t know, in large part because the damned lunatics holding him hostage had been keeping him in andContinue reading “Interlude 16 – Important Negotiations”

Chapter 47 – Castle Tour

“Well that was something,” Julius muttered as he walked across the ramparts with Claire and Valon, his face still a little red. Though if anyone asked, he’d say it was from exertion–…no, it was probably better to say something else… At least he had clothes on now. Actual clothes, instead of just a robe, consistingContinue reading “Chapter 47 – Castle Tour”

Chapter 45 – The Capital of a New Empire

That was easily the most embarrassing boat ride Julius had ever been on and he had to be rescued by his older sister twice in his life. Granted, she’d been great at intimidating his friends into line on those rides, so there was at least a positive there. The ferry ride, on the other hand,Continue reading “Chapter 45 – The Capital of a New Empire”

Chapter 44 – The Winning Streak Continues

So it turned out Julius didn’t actually have to fight a random woman in a restaurant. In fact, it was kind of the opposite. The random woman in question turned out to be a werewolf by the name of Jofrid Otakin, she was apparently Fergus’s cousin–her dad was the grandnephew of his mother’s father orContinue reading “Chapter 44 – The Winning Streak Continues”

Interlude 14 – A Royal Meeting 2 (Aquatic Boogaloo)

Queenshill, the capital of Luceneva, was a massive city spreading out around the royal family’s castle: an enormous citadel of high, solid-white walls topped by bright red spires. Long bridges stretched between the four towers built into the curtain wall surrounding the central keep, itself topped with three towers spread across its sloped roof. KnownContinue reading “Interlude 14 – A Royal Meeting 2 (Aquatic Boogaloo)”

Interlude 13 – A Royal Meeting

Tisma Vlahos was having an interesting month. A simple job to investigate a dragon starting shit near the Gorokivan coast turned into her meeting up with two of her best friends in the world and getting directly involved in the new “Stop the Demon Lord” quest.  Now, that was unexpected, but not too bad. JobsContinue reading “Interlude 13 – A Royal Meeting”

Chapter 43 – Every Backstory is Tragic

“So are you all masochists at that church?” Cyrus asked the instant they all sat down at the table, eyeing Julius’s bandaged up body, “Because there’s such a thing as taking a fetish too far.” “Don’t be gross, pops,” Mira retorted, earning a pout from her pops. “What? I haven’t seen you three for aContinue reading “Chapter 43 – Every Backstory is Tragic”