Interlude 21 – Family is Weird

“My thanks to you for listening to my piece, Aunty Sova,” Maria Loren intoned in the politest tone she thought she could handle, bowing to her sorta-aunt/not-really-stepmom with her arms in her robes, like one was supposed to do with this type of thingy. Sorta. A public plaza wasn’t exactly the most politest of places,Continue reading “Interlude 21 – Family is Weird”

Chapter 53 – Arrivals

As long as Julius knew her–so literally his entire life–Graves has always had a wide variety of hobbies. Fencing, fishing, dancing, knife-throwing, drinking contests, and so on. And apparently her new hobby–or at least one she was returning to–included wrestling. At least, that’s what Julius assumed after he was pulled out of the water withContinue reading “Chapter 53 – Arrivals”

Chapter 52 – Meetings and Reunions

Shioneri had some nice food. It was to be expected, since it was a resort island, but it was a nice thing to note. Lots of good mutton and fish, plus this “rice salad” stuff was pretty good.  Even the group he came with seemed to enjoy the large meal, though Ariel did say Claire’sContinue reading “Chapter 52 – Meetings and Reunions”

Interlude 20 – The Tundra’s Fist

Julius and Ellen did their best to move quickly but quietly as they traveled through the forests of Naloriva. After what…happened, the party found themselves in need of some money. Blake was the one with the funds and he…So, even with what Tisma had on her, and what they’d barely managed to scrape out ofContinue reading “Interlude 20 – The Tundra’s Fist”

Chapter 51 – Shioneri Island

So Julius was feeling weird. Not really nostalgic, not really anxious, just…weird. It was weird. Being on the boat to Shioneri Island felt weird. Not the boat ride itself, but the location they were heading to. It was the place his group, his “team of heroes”, landed at right before they entered the Dark Lands,Continue reading “Chapter 51 – Shioneri Island”

Interlude 19 – Father and Daughter

Cyrus hummed “The Lover and the Dreamer” under his breath as he walked through the halls of Castle Valondrac; the song felt fitting, in many ways, dedicated as it was to the idea of two divine beings from separate tribes coming together in passion and romance. Granted, said romance ended quite terribly so it hopefullyContinue reading “Interlude 19 – Father and Daughter”

Interlude 18 – A Douglas Plan

“Hmm…sho, th’ fhck’s ’ll th’s?” Gali asked as she munched on a cactus pear. Doug smiled right back, his mouth closed to avoid showing his teeth. Culturally sensitive there, real nice of him. Or he just didn’t wanna challenge her. Either or. “Letters, mostly, Lord Galinori.” “Hm.” She crouched down beside him and glanced overContinue reading “Interlude 18 – A Douglas Plan”

Chapter 50 – The Final Stretch Rides Again

Tenvoc was a whole hell of a lot stronger than Leok and her four arms made it weird to try punching her. She could easily defend with two of her arms while attacking with the others, and it didn’t help that Julius was pretty sure she was trying to kill him instead of just beatingContinue reading “Chapter 50 – The Final Stretch Rides Again”

Interlude 17 – Cardinal Virtues

Cardinal Gabriel was annoyed. Admittedly, that state of being was becoming an irritatingly common one for them, yet the longer they remained in Luceneva, the more irritated the angel became.  Yet, simultaneously, they had somehow not reached the point of outright rage. Indeed, it seemed as though they had at some point changed courses onContinue reading “Interlude 17 – Cardinal Virtues”

Chapter 49 – Meeting the In-Laws

So Julius was in a dining room now, from what he could tell.  A really damn fancy one, with huge, dark windows covered by long curtains taking up the left-hand wall and a rectangular table covered by a black tablecloth in the center with three large chandeliers hanging over it. There was even a fireplaceContinue reading “Chapter 49 – Meeting the In-Laws”