Supplementary: DLL Character Page

And here’s the long-awaited character page, segmented by chapter. A thing to keep track of everybody and whatnot. Plus, info on the people and monsters of Estus in general. Chapter 1 Julius Goldforge (Joo-lee-uhss Gohld-forj) – Primary protagonist of “The Demon Lord’s Lover”, also the guy the title refers to, and also the blonde guyContinue reading “Supplementary: DLL Character Page”

Bonus Chapter 4 – The Golden Heir

Fergus snapped his jaws into empty air as Joff ducked his lunge and retaliated by aiming straight for his armored throat, her teeth digging into the reinforced leather before a surprised yip slipped out when her brother twisted and rolled, his larger body easily lifting her up and slamming her into the mat as heContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 4 – The Golden Heir”

Bonus Chapter 3 – The Infernal Educator

Tokru 10th, 2924 The Demon Lord Oglizu IV is killed in battle against the Chosen Hero, Cyril Corner of Rosiava, on the fields of Naloriva. At the same time, within the town of Gravelane, Inrapaba, the third son of the Samore family is born to Marwen and Dorothea Samore. He is named Hans, after hisContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 3 – The Infernal Educator”

Bonus Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Bane

Leok earned her name when she was twelve, still a whelp by any standard out there. ‘Sides goblins, maybe? Or summa those other smaller folks out there, though most folk were small to her. The Ferrus Lion she fought way back then was a very big bastard though, and a hell of a fun matchContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Bane”

Bonus Chapter 1 – The Crimson Dryad

Autumn had lived for a very long time.  All dryads did; it came with the territory of being a dryad. Trees lived long lives, and so too did the dryads born from them, though Autumn didn’t really think there was a difference between her stationary self and her traveling self.  It was like claiming aContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 1 – The Crimson Dryad”

Interlude 24 – A Small Town

Alongside the mountainous region called Ebkai, there existed many towns and villages; some set atop high cliffs and mountain peaks, and others nestled in cozy valleys. One such town of the latter description was called Surton, a lovely town that Amitiel found herself in charge of after she and her beloved had settled down there. Continue reading “Interlude 24 – A Small Town”

Interlude 23 – An Epilogue

“We didn’t do shit,” Sergio complained with a deep frown, catching the attention of everyone else at the poker table. The makeshift poker table, really, grabbed from another room in Castle Valondrac–real original name there–so they didn’t have to move from the training hall. It was round enough, and it seated about everyone that wantedContinue reading “Interlude 23 – An Epilogue”

Interlude 22 – What Just Happened?

“-AND UNHAND ME AT ONCE-!”  Vocula was a very shouty man. Very loud and unpleasant, or so Charlotte thought to herself as she carried him from the building. It was a shame she had to deal with him, but not too much of one. Politics were not her speciality, after all. “Down you go,” sheContinue reading “Interlude 22 – What Just Happened?”

Chapter 55 – The Things We Do For Love

Julius was up and out of his seat the instant he saw the knight raise her burning hand. There was just something far too familiar in the red glow that was quickly becoming a white-hot flame, something that made him instinctively know that he needed to move now. Charlotte was out of the room, DougContinue reading “Chapter 55 – The Things We Do For Love”

Chapter 54 – A Peaceful Conference

Claire was having a fun day. She had a delightful date with her fiancé, she managed to meet a number of rather interesting people, and she taunted an idiotic angel right to her stupid stone face.  And now, politics! Ah, how she loved politics~. Genuinely too! There was just something pleasant about making decisions thatContinue reading “Chapter 54 – A Peaceful Conference”