Bonus Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Bane

Leok earned her name when she was twelve, still a whelp by any standard out there. ‘Sides goblins, maybe? Or summa those other smaller folks out there, though most folk were small to her. The Ferrus Lion she fought way back then was a very big bastard though, and a hell of a fun matchContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 2 – The Lion’s Bane”

Bonus Chapter 1 – The Crimson Dryad

Autumn had lived for a very long time.  All dryads did; it came with the territory of being a dryad. Trees lived long lives, and so too did the dryads born from them, though Autumn didn’t really think there was a difference between her stationary self and her traveling self.  It was like claiming aContinue reading “Bonus Chapter 1 – The Crimson Dryad”